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Making an adoption plan for your child is a loving choice.

The New "Open Adoption" - You have the power ...

The new, “Open Adoption” option is empowering natural parents to have input on who the child’s future parents will be and enable dialogue between the natural parent(s) and adoptive family as to how much involvement the natural parent(s) will have with the child and adoptive family.

Every option for those facing an unplanned pregnancy is a difficult choice, but the adoption option has become much more appealing.  A long time ago, people had to “give their child up” and never see him or her again.  It used to feel like "abandoning" the child.  Today, however, natural parents can “make a parenting plan of adoption” for their child.  They can select the child's future parents and discuss how much they would like to be involved in the child's life.  Years down the road as they remember the anniversary of the child’s birth, they could have photos, letters and even a personal relationship with this child. Many are saying that this joy of watching their child grow and develop helps them deal with the “loss” aspect of adoption in a positive way that others say they regret not having after choosing abortion.

We support adoption as a beautiful option for those experiencing unplanned pregnancy. There are thousands of couples in Nova Scotia praying for the opportunity to share their love with a newborn baby. We are here to help natural parents and adoptive parents and encourage them in, and walk with them through the process of adoption.

We also provide ongoing support for natural parents. We understand the challenges natural parents face and we are here to support and listen and help.


Adoption is a loving choice. For many choosing adoption, it is a responsible act of parenting their child.

For more information, please visit www.adoptionisbeautiful.com

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