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For Guys ...

Take a moment to think ...

Because a guy does not get pregnant, it is even more important for him to take responsibility when it comes to sex. You need to be thinking more about her than your own wants or desires. Guys who care deeply for their girlfriends are seen as being more attractive. By your willingness to read this page, you are taking an important step in being responsible and mature in your actions.

The truth that most guys are not thinking responsibly is obvious by the well known fact that most of them will leave their girlfriend if she becomes pregnant - even if she has an abortion. When you are thinking about becoming sexually involved with your girlfriend, you need to think through the issues before you get lost in the heat of the moment.

Sex is designed for two primary purposes: 1. To create babies and 2. To bond a man and a woman together for life. The idea of "recreational sex" should be understood as being on the same level as recreational drug use. The experience may be fun, but the consequences are far reaching and unhealthy (see our section on STI's). Condoms and other birth control methods do not make sex safe. They may or may not reduce the chances that your mate will become pregnant or either of you get AIDS. However, condoms only sometimes slightly reduce the chances that either of you will get other serious STI infections. Many STI's are transferred by skin to skin contact which a condom cannot prevent. Nothing can avoid the emotional and psychological impact of "recreational sex." There is no such thing as "safe sex" outside of the lifetime commitment of marriage.


Our counsel is that abortion compounds rather than solves the problems associated with a crisis pregnancy (see our page on "After Abortion" for lots of information and links to personal testimonies). It is a dangerous decision; a medical procedure involving risks to a woman's body and psyche as well as the death of a human life. Legally, a woman has the right to choose abortion. But she also has the right not to choose it. She has the right to consider her options without undue pressure from people close to her. In reality, both of you must live with your decision: physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. This is a decision that cannot be changed. Before you encourage this choice, we invite you to meet in confidence with one of our pregnancy coaches. Know your facts before you encourage any choice. One of the facts is that even if a woman chooses abortion, most boyfriends will abandon their girlfriend afterwards.

To find out what abortion is, its risks, and what a woman (and baby) may experience before, during and after, call us at 902-678-6217 or Toll Free at 1-800-284-7740 for a free, confidential consultation. Also, you can view an animation on fetal development right now to learn about your growing baby here:


We can offer you information on adoption and parenting. We will also offer ongoing support and encouragement for the guy who needs encouragement and direction for taking responsibility during pregnancy and beyond.

Paternity Testing

For those of you wanting information in regard to paternity testing (DNA test to determine who is or is not the father) you can call the Quinpool Wellness Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia at 902.444.7702. They supply an easy-to-use at-home DNA Paternity Testing Kit. Call for information: 902-444.7702.

They are located at 6407 Quinpool Road, Halifax, NS.

They carry both Legal and Non-Legal Paternity tests.

The Legal test, an appointment must be made because the legal test is done at their location in Halifax. The Pharmacist takes a DNA cheek swabs from the child, mother and paternity candidate. Two pieces of identification (including one photo ID) are required for each person. In the case of the child, a photo signed by the pharmacist may be used for the photo ID. Swabs are then mailed to the lab.

The Non-Legal test may be purchased at any time from their location in Halifax. This one is performed at home, on child, mother and paternity candidate. The swabs are mailed directly by the testing parties in the enclosed pre-addressed envelope. Once the lab receives the swabs it takes about 2 weeks to get the results at which time, the results are emailed to you.

The cost for the Legal test is $500, and Non-Legal is $350.



One Man's story of a young man's struggle with abortion



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