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Parenting Support:
Encouraging & Equipping Parents

Choosing to continue your pregnancy and to parent is very challenging. But with the support of caring people, parenting classes, and other resources, many women find the help they need to make this choice - and we have a lot of support available for you!

We have a fabulous program for you if you are thinking of parenting in the future or are pregnant now or if you have children already! This program is called, "Earn While You Learn." It's a multimedia program where you watch a video on the subject of your choosing and complete a workbook lession on what you learned. (See the entire list of topics HERE.) After each lesson you can earn a "Baby Buck" which you can "spend" in our Baby Boutique (full of new baby things). Here are a few ladies sharing what this program has done for them:

During my time at the Centre, I have spent quite a bit of time studying the material presented in the 'Earn While You Learn' program. It has been great for me. Being a first time mom with a non-existent family, I have taken the lessons presented and committed them to heart and memory. I am truly grateful for the guidance they have given me. They have honestly helped me be the best mom I can be.
- Mother of 1

I really like the 'Earn While You Learn' program. It gives me a chance to learn valuable things that help me in my everyday life - while earning "Baby Bucks" to help me get things for my children. In one of the videos I learned how to deal with my anger when my children are throwing tantrums. It also taught me how to help them deal with their tantrums without spanking. The other video I learned how to manage my money. Just those couple videos I learned a lot and enjoyed watching them.
- Mother of 4

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I was pregnant when I started the EWYL Program. It really helped me understand what was going on with my body and my developing baby. Like, I didn't know that babies played with their umbilical cord. How cool is that? I am going to classes now to learn how to take care of (baby's name). I am learning about first aid and what to do when my baby is sick. I am learning about how to help her sleep through the night, and how to talk to her and comfort her. Most of all, I am learning what she needs from me.
- Alisha, EWYL Client

The program has completely changed my life and the way my children will be raised. Hopefully it will influence them when they are parents. The stuff I learned has actually helped in all the relationships in my life. It has helped me to understand my upbringing and how to break the cycle of poor parenting. I would be totally lost if I hadn't learned how important it is to give my daughters consistency, routines and that they need to have limits set for them. We use 1-2-3 magic and it is a God-send with Joseph. I recently found myself going through the homework looking for some information I needed with Rickki. One of the biggest, simplest things I've learned is to hug and touch my babies. Sounds so obvious, right. Like, I didn't know how important eye contact is when they are little. I didn't know that they NEED to be touched and stroked and talked to. These things changed the way I parent my babies! I could tell from the very first day that I walked into the centre that my instructor genuinely cared about my babies and I. Through the months we developed a special bond and friendship that will carry through the years. We still talk, even though I am finished with the program, and she gives moral support and helps me with any issues I may have.
- Stephanie, EWYL Client

Parenting does not come with a manual it is a journey of the heart. Thankfully, we are not alone in this journey and we can help, support and learn from one another.

Imagine the possibilities in a world full of healthy relationships. Our work is part of an international effort to provide research, resources and services directly to individuals and communities to support the development of strong, healthy families and communities. We realize that if we want young adults to make good, healthy choices, we need to work within the context of the community in which they live and within their families. We partner with local and international organizations to help strengthen families and entire communities.


To view (or order free copies of) the Public Health Agency of Canada's brochure "The Sensible Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy" click HERE.
























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