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Post Abortion Stress



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Post Abortion

Following abortion, many women experience initial relief. The perceived crisis is over and life returns to normal. For many women, however, the crisis isn't over. Months and even years later, significant problems may develop. There is evidence that abortion is associated with a decrease in long-term emotional and physical health.35, 55
In line with the best available evidence, women should be informed that abortion significantly increases risk for:

  • Clinical depression56, 57, 58, 59
  • Anxiety57, 58
  • Drug and alcohol abuse57, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder35, 65
  • Suicidal thoughts and behavior57, 66, 67, 68

Women who have experienced abortion may develop the following:

  • Guilt
  • Grief
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Suicidal Thoughts
  • Difficulty bonding with partner or children
  • Eating disorders

The bottom line is that scientific evidence indicates that abortion is more likely to be associated with negative psychological outcomes when compared to miscarriage or carrying an unintended pregnancy to term.62, 64, 69, 70, 71

If you or someone you know is experiencing these symptoms, The Valley Care Pregnancy Center offers confidential, compassionate support groups designed to help women work through these feelings. You are not alone.

Many couples choose abortion believing it will preserve their relationship. Research on this topic reveals just the opposite. Couples who choose induced abortion are at increased risk for relationship problems.72

Women experiencing lack of support and pressure to abort from their partners were more likely to choose abortion.73

Spiritual Consequences
People have different understandings of God. Whatever your present beliefs may be, having an abortion may affect more than just your body and your mind -- there is a spiritual side to abortion that deserves to be considered. Have you considered what God thinks about your situation? How does God see your unborn child? These are important questions to consider.

Forgiven and Set Free Group Bible Study

For those who feel guilty and trapped after an abortion, we offer a study called, “Forgiven and Set Free” … sounds good, doesn’t it? This inspiring Bible study is bringing deep healing never before imagined by those we are ministering to who suffer deep guilt and regret after having had an abortion.

This study was developed out of the personal experience of a lady who was set free from the bondage of guilt and grief that followed her abortion. Her experience was the beginning of this study. "As I read my Bible, Christ was faithful to touch my open wounds with the touch of his promises," she writes. "He promised to turn all my wailing into dancing and he has."

Forgiven and Set Free is guiding suffering and hurting individuals to bring their emotional scars from abortion where true and lasting healing can take place. Appropriate Scripture passages help both women and men deal with issues such as: Relief and Denial, Anger, Forgiveness, Depression, Letting Go, and Acceptance.

We began training leaders to lead this study in 2006 and started facilitating groups and individuals through the study in 2007. The testimonies of those who have completed the course are glowing with praise for the grace and power of God and a deeper love for His Word. Over and over again, people say, “I thought I had dealt with it, but I had just pushed it down. I never knew how much I needed this!  I can honestly say that I am truly forgiven and set free.”

For many women and men, abortion has not been the "eraser" they expected, and the effects become long lasting. We are here for you with resources to help bring hope and healing that our clients have found deeply helpful and healing. Contact us today, just to talk Toll-free 1-800-284-7740, or info@asafeplaceforme.com

If you are struggling with negative feelings about abortion, you are not alone. For example, here is a video of a popular Rap singer, Flipsyde, who sings of his post-abortion experience and feelings:

* See the page, "Abortion" for footnotes cited above.







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